Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc. (NCC)

Membership Application

If you are within the NCC area* and would like to become a part of Nora Council, fill out a membership form and mail with your check to the address at the bottom of the document.  If you are outside the NCC area, you are welcome to become a contributing member.

Annual membership is $15 at the family level, $25 for a non-profit, and $50 for a business.   For questions about membership, contact Linda Miller at 254-0042 or [email protected].
We look forward to your joining!

Special Communities don’t just happen

But with your help . . .

NORTHSIDE COMMUNITY COUNCIL (NCC) can continue to be a vital part in keeping your greater Nora-Northside area a good and very special community where one can live, work, and raise a family.

How does NCC help make your community special?

Since 1967,  NCC has provided a regular monthly public forum and many special meetings for citizens to hear and respond to issues of great concern.

NCC has obtained and shared information with and acted as a liaison to over 60 local neighborhood associations under the NCC umbrella.

The beautiful boulevard design of 86th Street would have been a six-lane concrete cut through your community had it not been for NCC.  The landscaping and sidewalks came from NCC’s leadership and perseverance. NCC was also the FIRST to develop an adoption program and endowment fund for the maintenance of the landscaped medians and we sponsor two corridor cleanups every year.

Each year NCC gives away several hundred free trees.

The integrity of the residential neighborhoods and success of commercial nodes in the area reveal NCC’s commitment to protect and promote the viability and quality of life of your community.

Everyone loves the Monon Trail — now.  But it took NCC’s leadership to convince the City-County Council to save the Right-of-Way when it was abandoned.  NCC members have served on greenways committees and planning groups to promote linear parks in your community long before the public even knew there was such an issue.