Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc. (NCC)

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The Board of Directors holds its regularly scheduled public monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month. The usual starting time is 7:00 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST Church 8600 N College Ave. 

The Monthly Land Use Meeting, which includes Code Enforcement and Health and Hospital issues, is held in the week prior to the week of the monthly meeting .

Nora-Northside Community Council (NCC) had to forgo holding its traditional monthly land use/code enforcement meetings during the pandemic. 
Because the City has expressed and NCC believes that these meetings have proven very valuable in the past, we are now preparing to reestablish the meetings. (Typically, they will be  held on the last Friday of the month before the first Thursday’s public board meeting).  
Participants will include NCC volunteers, City Code and Health Inspectors, and the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocates.  On occasion, developers will attend to outline potential development plans. The public is welcome.