Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc. (NCC)

Land Use Policy

Land Use Policy Statement and Strategies

Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc. promotes the sensitive and appropriate use of our finite land resources through adherence to developmental standards compatible with existing homes and businesses.   Changes in land use must not detract from the quality of life, endanger the environment, create safety hazards, devalue existing development, or be contrary to the general interest of the community as a whole.

  1. NCC will support the Marion County Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
  2. NCC will make land use decisions within established planning principles.
  3. NCC believes that variances should be rare and provable (of all statutory requirements as outlined in Indiana law).
  4. NCC believes land use decisions should be respectful of and attentive to environmental issues.
  5. NCC believes fewer and smaller signs enhance the aesthetics, and thus the viability, of the community.

NCC Policy Guidelines

NCC officially supports the policy guide for the development of the community as found in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Marion County:

  • To improve the quality of the physical environment of the community in response to social, economic and physical realities and forecasts;
  • To provide for the well-being of the entire metropolitan community rather than advance the special interests of individuals or groups within the community;
  • To act as a guide in the formation of additional plans;
  • To promote community goals, objectives and policies;
  • To coordinate the political and technical aspects of community development in order to eliminate conflict or duplication of public and private projects;
  • To insert long range considerations of goals in decisions about short-range actions;
  • To enhance citizen participation in community development and provide citizens with a sense of security and civic pride.