Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc. (NCC)

Meeting Agenda

Meetings are held at the Nora Library Auditorium, 8625 No. Guilford.

The regularly scheduled public monthly meeting of the Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc. (NCC) Board of Directors will be held: 

Nora Library Auditorium, 8625 No. Guilford.


Zoning/Signs: Indianapolis/Marion County Municipal Code
731: Dwelling Districts, 732: Commercial Districts, 735: Other Districts (park, school, religious use, hospital, etc.)
734:  Sign regulations

All zoning:
Chapters 730-735

Meeting Guidelines

NCC meetings will be held firmly to traditional rules of order.  In addition,

  • Meetings will begin promptly and conclude as scheduled.
  • All participants will aim to create a positive meeting environment, including respectful communication, limited personal interruptions, and a thoughtful attitude.
  • Participants will maintain a sense of humor and flexible approach to problem-solving.
  • Participants will focus discussion on NCC’s mission, needs, or interests, not personal positions.
  • Consensus decision-making is the aim of the meetings.
  • Participants are expected to become involved in meeting discussions.  Questions, ideas, and thoughts are shared with the whole group.  (Please – one meeting only).
  • Participants will respect the meeting agenda and the opinions of others.
  • Ask moderator for floor.
  • After speaking, allow two others to speak before speaking again.

NCC realizes that some issues are very emotionally charged.  However rude, abusive or insulting comments will not be tolerated.


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