Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc. (NCC)

Nora Council in 2008

Following is a sample of the activities in which NCC volunteers participated in 2008


  • The Board of Directors held 12 regularly scheduled public meetings on the first Thursday of each month.  An annual public meeting of the NCC membership was held in July 2008.  This meeting featured Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, star of WXNT Talk Radio who spoke of Indy as a “Tale of Two Cities.”
  • Many hours were spent by directors in dealing with communication, administrative, and procedural issues.

 Nora logoLAND USE:

  • Land use presentations were heard at each NCC public meeting.  A total of 24 rezoning, variance approval, and other land use change proposals were considered by the NCC Board.  Several cases were docketed for hearing for more than one meeting.  The Board took positions on each case, and, where necessary, extracted compromises, conditions, or commitments to the petitioner’s plans.   2008 Land Use Report
  • The Land Use Committee averaged one to two special meetings each month.
  • NCC’s positions were presented by directors to the Metropolitan Development Commission, City-County Council committees, or the Council itself.  NCC presentations often represent many hours of research, phone calls, land use committee meetings, and preparation of written and spoken materials.
  • Alcoholic beverage permits were reviewed and responses sent to the Alcoholic Beverage Board of Marion County.  There were 48 alcoholic beverage permit petitions reviewed in 2008.


  • Members of the Board received hundreds of inquiries from citizens about suspected violations of city ordinances and/or commitments or covenants.  Directors helped them locate the appropriate agency to contact and often directed attention of enforcement officials to many of the alleged violations. 
  • A list was kept of current complaints the status of each was updated monthly The NCC Land Use Committee met monthly with Code Compliance officials from the Department of Metropolitan Development and Health and Hospital agency to discuss all current cases and inquiries.


  • An NCC delegate attended the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District annual meeting.


  • NCC Board members continued to maintain the Al Wood Place mini-park at Westfield and 86th Street by rotating a monthly assignment of twice-a-week “litter patrols.”


  • In order to ensure future “major” maintenance work and plant replacements on the 86th Street medians, NCC continued to solicit contributions for the 86th Street Beautification Fund. 
  • NCC conducted a clean-up of the 86th Street corridor in May.  Materials and equipment were furnished by the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful organization.


  • Board members participated and supported efforts of the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhoods (McANA).Nora logo
  • An advisory Board member served as secretary of the Board of Central Indiana Land Trust (CILTI).
  • NCC maintained memberships in the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC), McANA, and the Urban Forest Council.
  • One Board member was instrumental in the founding, financing, and maintenance of White Owl Conservation Area, Inc.
  • An NCC director served on the Marion County Health and Hospital Board as Chairman of the Audit Committee.
  • The NCC Board appointed three members of the Washington Township Fire Protection Contribution Fund, Inc.


  • Indianapolis Fire Department activities were presented by Fire Marshall Mary Kay Pitts.  Regional Library Branch Manager Sharon Bernhardt or her representative reported library news.  Washington Township School representative Phil Smith alerted the Board about issues affecting the NCC area.


  • NCC celebrated Earth and Arbor Days by giving free nanny berry (viburnum) trees to the public.
  • NCC again presented several awards of appreciation to community members and businesses at the Annual Membership Meeting.
  • Seminars and conferences, survey and scoping meetings, workshops and planning sessions involved hundreds of NCC volunteer hours.
  • Among other activities shared by your Board of Directors:  attended neighborhood forums; helped new community organizations form and effectively determine and achieve their missions; spoke to service clubs; and represented the Greater Nora-Northside community at groundbreakings, dedications and open houses
  • Literally hundreds of phone calls from constituents, the public, government officials, etc., were received and acted upon by Board members.  Countless hours were spent preparing minutes and reports, the Annual Report, and monthly land use dockets.
  • The membership coordinator continued to send follow-up letters to those who indicated an interest in NCC activities and issues.
  • A Board committee completed work on establishing an NCC website.

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